Kurlinkus departs from Winnebago County State’s Lawyer’s Workplace | Native Information


ROCKFORD – Winnebago County District Attorney’s longtime civil director Dave Kurlinkus has resigned following an administrative reorganization by new District Attorney J. Hanley.

Kurlinkus, who joined the prosecution in January 2009, held several roles during his tenure, including deputy prosecutor, chief of staff and head of the civil department.

Kurlinkus said he would miss working with the prosecutor’s staff most after building working relationships over the past 11 years.

“It was a job, but it felt a bit more,” said Kurlinkus. “There were problems and I was part of a team that has resolved them consistently over the years. I met many people in the county government and helped them represent them. The people in the county and in the prosecution are phenomenal. They are dedicated to their work and I really enjoyed working with them. “

He added that he was working on developing the Rockford Public School District 205 juvenile redirection program. Working with community partners to develop the nationwide 911 agreement; and litigation support for the county regarding the position of chairman of the Winnebago County Board were memorable highlights for the longtime official.

Hanley fired Kurlinkus Tuesday and declined to comment on the decision when contacted by the Beloit Daily News.

“Dave has been a tremendous addition to the county and has long served admirably and for which he should be commended,” Hanely said. “He has earned the respect of everyone in the county government, but it was time to change that position.”

Hanley said Marilyn Hite Ross, the outgoing prosecutor, and her staff are “very kind with their time in transition”.

“From an administrative standpoint, I had a pretty good idea of ​​how the office worked,” Hanley added.

Hanley said he expected to make further announcements regarding the administrative staff in mid-December.

“We’re a bit in the balance at this point and a lot of things will take shape by then,” he said.

A transition team currently working with Hanley consists of interim civil chief Charlotte LeClercq, retired prosecutor Wendy Larson Bennett, president of Entre Computer Solutions, Mike Broski, retired attorney Dan Cain, retired judge Rosemary Collins, attorney Michael Iasparro, the former Public Prosecutor Paul Logli. Patrick O’Keefe, Executive Director of Midway Village; and Mark Richeson, Business Manager of Ironworks Local 498

Hanley, a Republican, won the November 3rd election against Democrat Paul Carpenter.

Kurlinkus continues to serve on the Education Committee of the Hononegah Community High School District in Rockton.