Kwinana denies giving enterprise to lawyer contracted by SAA, however admits securing huge mortgage for buddy

Kwinana denies giving business to lawyer contracted by SAA, but admits securing massive loan for friend

From Loyiso Sidimba Before 4pm

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JOHANNESBURG – Former SA Airways board member Yakhe Kwinana denied doing business with late lawyer Mbuleli Kolisi, who passed away in July, on Saturday before testifying to the State Detention Commission.

Kwinana, a chartered accountant who previously served as chairman of SAA Technical (SAAT), informed the commission that Kolisi had been leading the disciplinary hearing of former SAA managing director Dr. Masimba Dahwa had been commissioned

“I’ve never signed a single contract involving Kolisi,” she said.

On Tuesday, Kwinana announced that it had granted a community member a loan of R819,000 through a company that was a SAA Technical Supplier.

Kwinana admitted the R819,000 loan from BMK Attorneys, a Kolisi-owned law firm that was signed by the state firm she ran for a parish after receiving a tender from the same agency.

Evidence leader Kate Hofmeyr accused Kwinana of being a dishonest witness after failing to provide annual accounts of her business relationship with JM Aviation Vuyo Ndzeku.

Kwinana claimed that she did not submit the statements to the Commission because, at Hofmeyr’s request, she did not have all the documents.

“That can’t be true,” said Commission Vice-Chair Raymond Zondo.

Kwinana said this was an omission on her part.

She also defended her business relationship with Ndzeku, saying it only started after she left SAAT.

Hofmeyr said Kwinana’s relationship with Ndzeku was to influence her during her tenure at SAAT, and there were indications that it might be a wise endeavor.

“Even before I resigned, there was nothing wrong with getting money from JM Aviation,” Kwinana said, insisting that the R 4.2 million she received from Ndzeku and his wife were part of legitimate business transactions.

Earlier this week, Kwinana denied soliciting bribes from Ndzeku’s business partner AAR Corporation, which was about to sign a R1 1.2 billion deal to supply SAAT with aircraft components.

The commission will resume on Monday.