Kylr Yust attorneys file motion for new trial

Kylr Yust attorneys file motion for new trial

KANSAS CITY, MO – Attorneys for Kylr Yust, convicted in April of the murder and manslaughter of the deaths of Jessica Runions and Kara Kopetsky, have filed a new lawsuit.

The 56-page motion was filed in the Cass County Court on Monday, requesting either an acquittal or retrial, plus 61 examples in support of the motion.

The alleged violations included:

  • The court allowed recordings of Yust’s phone calls, texts, emails and personal visits to Cass County Jail to be presented in court, which his lawyers believed violated his sixth amendment rights.
  • Allow prosecutors to question Yust about hearsay from Jessep Carter, Yust’s half-brother, who was found dead at the Jackson County Detention Center in 2018.
  • Exclusion of statements from several witnesses;
  • Rejection of a change of location and a judge before the trial;
  • The jury was not chosen at random;
  • Allows testimony of previous “Episodes of Domestic Violence” by Yust against Kopestky.

The motion also states that after the trial was complete, the Missouri State Highway Patrol “provided the defense attorney with additional police reports that had never been previously released”.

The jury had recommended Yust serve 15 years for Kopetsky’s death and life imprisonment for the murder of Runions. By April, Yust’s hearing was scheduled for June 7th.

Yust was initially charged with murder and abandoning a first degree corpse in connection with the deaths of the girls in 2017. The abandonment of the funeral accusation was dropped at a pre-trial hearing in March.

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