Labor lawyer advices firms towards COVID-19 vaccination mandates – Boston Information, Climate, Sports activities

Labor attorney advices companies against COVID-19 vaccination mandates – Boston News, Weather, Sports

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. (WHDH) – With the first coronavirus vaccines coming soon, many are wondering if a company can require employees to be vaccinated.

Governor Charlie Baker spoke to business executives Wednesday and said he doesn’t think it matters.

“We are certainly not talking about a mandate and I sincerely doubt you will find anyone in the employers’ community to talk about one,” he said.

Labor lawyers are waiting for the Federal Government to clarify whether a mandate will be confirmed in court.

“It will likely be legal for an employer to prescribe a vaccine, but we are all waiting for guidance from the EEOC to confirm it,” said labor lawyer Robert Duston.

Duston said that while it may be legal, he advises companies against mandates where so much is still unknown about the duration of the vaccine’s immunity.

“We don’t even know right now whether the Pfizer vaccine or other vaccines have real immunity lifespan or whether it requires two or three shots per year. How long it will take? We don’t know what kind of community you have and you don’t know how long it will last and how you will use a one-time request, ”he explained.

Baker said employers should offer more resources to their employees than mandating vaccines.

“I think people will want to make sure they want to do this when they can provide guidance, provide information, and get people to trusted sources for data and information, as this will all happen over the next six years or nine months,” said he.

Pfizer is expected to receive emergency approval for its vaccine candidate soon.

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