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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra on Monday announced the establishment of the Bureau of Disability Rights in the Department of Civil Rights Enforcement of the California Department of Justice.

The office will focus on matters aimed at ensuring that the rights of people with disabilities are promoted through specific investigations and litigation.

The office will also expand the work of the Section on Respecting the Rights of People with Disabilities on issues such as discrimination in education, health care, employment, access to public services and law enforcement involvement.

“If we are to make significant strides in protecting the rights of Californians with disabilities, we must deploy lawyers and resources specifically to work on these issues,” said Attorney General Becerra. “Establishing the Bureau of Disability Rights is an important step in ensuring that the rights of people with disabilities are incorporated into all of our work here at the California Department of Justice. I look forward to seeing everything the Bureau can do. ”

The Deputy Attorneys-General of the Civil Rights Enforcement Division who will be employed in the office have already ensured relief for people with disabilities by including specific corrective actions in decisions that require reform.

For example, these rulings promote the rights of students with disabilities, including students who are disciplined for behavior based on their disability, and call for reforms to law enforcement practices regarding the involvement of civil servants in people with mental health crises, people with disabilities, and the profiling of people with Disabilities.