Lawsuit ‘Smacks Of Racism’: Wisconsin Choose Shreds Trump Lawyer Over Vote Problem

Lawsuit 'Smacks Of Racism': Wisconsin Judge Shreds Trump Lawyer Over Vote Challenge

A Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice came out and said so on Saturday when they beat up Donald Trump’s attorney over a lawsuit against the state election results that “smells like racism”.

The liberal judiciary Jill Karofsky also criticized the lawsuit as “abnormal” and as an attack on a “legitimate choice” that did not spawn a single fraud case.

“What you want is for us to overturn this election so that your king can stay in power,” Karofsky said. “It’s so un-American.”

Karofsky attacked attorney James Troupis in a virtual hearing on a case filed by Lame Duck President and Vice President Mike Pence for dismissing all postal ballots in two counties – Dane and Milwaukee – that voted for Joe Biden.

The counties are the “most urban, not the whitest, largest counties” in the state that “voted overwhelmingly for Joe Biden,” said Karofsky’s colleague Justice Rebecca Dallet.

Karofsky told Troupis that the lawsuit singled out two counties out of 72 in the state “that were targeted because of their different populations, because they are urban, I suppose, because they vote democratically. This lawsuit, Mr. Troupis, smells like racism. “

She added, “I don’t know how you can get before this court and possibly ask us some unknown means … to say to 227,000 of our Wisconsinite colleagues, ‘Your voice doesn’t matter.'”

And she wasn’t finished yet.

“That’s not normal,” Karofsky continued. “It’s not normal for us to sit here 48 hours before the electoral college. It is not normal for only two counties in 72 to be at risk of losing their vote in this election. “

This case is “not about electoral fraud,” added the judge. “It’s not about someone doing something wrong in this state. In this case, it is not just about sowing, but also about watering and caring for doubts about a legitimate choice. “

Karofsky asked Troupis to present a single fraud case in the Wisconsin election that the lawyer was unable to handle. He just said that the votes were cast in an “illegal form” which referred to postal votes. He admitted that the ballot papers were used nationwide, not just in the two counties challenged.

Karofsky pointed out that the postal voting forms were exactly the same as they were when Trump won the state in 2016, and he had no objection to the ballot papers at the time.

At the end of the 90-minute hearing, there was no decision, although it seemed highly unlikely that the court would rule in Trump’s favor.

The two judges have voted with a majority in the court to reject three by-election lawsuits in the state on behalf of Trump. Even conservative judges were surprised by the actions.

In a ruling earlier this month, Judge Brian Hagedorn said that one of the lawsuits seeking “the judicial disenfranchisement of any Wisconsin voter” without credible evidence “appears to be unprecedented in American history”.

Trump’s battle against his electoral loss suffered a devastating blow on Friday when the US Supreme Court dropped a Texas lawsuit, backed by 17 other Red states (and 126 Republican members of the House), to cast ballots from four voting battlefield states Joe Biden. Texas is unable to challenge votes in any other state, the Supreme Court said in a brief, unsigned order.

Trump lost a federal case in Wisconsin on Saturday. US District Judge Brett Ludwig, a Trump-appointed judge, dismissed the lawsuit and asked the court to order the Republican-controlled legislature to name Trump the winner over Biden. The judge said Trump’s arguments “fail for legal and factual reasons.”

🚨🚨BREAKING: Wisconsin Federal Court dismisses Trump lawsuit with prejudice.

“This court gave the plaintiff an opportunity to represent his case and he lost the case.”

Trump and his allies are now 1-58 in post-election litigation.https: //

– Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) December 12, 2020

Trump has vowed to keep fighting. But time is running out. The electoral college meets on Monday to cast ballot papers that reflect the will of the American voter.

The entire Wisconsin Supreme Court hearing can be seen on the WisEye video here.

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