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Punil Kalawadia

Ahmedabad: A consumer court in Gandhinagar held a lawyer responsible for Rs 91,000 as a parking fee for a garage for not accepting her car for 910 days after a dispute over repairs.
A practicing attorney, Sona Sagar, left her Tata Nano at the Harsolia Brothers workshop on June 7, 2018 to perform repairs.
A week later, the garage called them and asked them to take their vehicle. She said it had been repaired and issued a bill for Rs 9,900. The lawyer complained that certain parts were missing from the vehicle and that the air conditioning and music system were damaged. She didn’t pay the bill and got out of the car.
In 2019, the attorney turned to the Consumer Dispute Settlement Commission in Gandhinagar District, suing the repair shop for lack of service and requesting the delivery of her car in a fully repaired condition. The garage complained that 58 emails were sent to the lawyer and a notice asking them to collect the vehicle and pay for the repairs. She hasn’t appeared for more than two years. The attorney should pay parking fees of Rs 100 per day from the day she left her car, the workshop said.
In 2020, the attorney filed another motion asking the garage for instructions on how to deliver the car. She claimed that she had been called six times, but the car was not delivered to her.
In contrast, the workshop submitted: “This is an appropriate case in which the complainant, who is a practicing lawyer, tried to influence by not paying even a pai or a pittance and forced the opponent to give him without repairing money that the opponent cannot bear. ”
It requested that the lawyer be fined for such behavior in order to set an example among lawyers.
After hearing the case, a quorum from Commission President DT Soni and Member JP Joshi said the lawyer should have paid the repair costs first. She cannot be considered a consumer if she does not pay repair costs. It further stated: “The car has been idling in an unusable and deteriorating condition for more than two years.
Harsolia Brothers has indeed shown good faith and kindness, but it was his misfortune. In the absence of the appellant’s bare essentials, the opponent has to wait for the outcome of this dispute. ”
In addition to finding that the lawyer had to pay Rs 100 per day as a parking fee for 910 days, the commission charged her with a charge of Rs 3,500.