Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi on police bail, questioned over hyperlinks to suspected gas smugglers

Lawyer Arthur Azzopardi on police bail, questioned over links to suspected fuel smugglers

Attorney Arthur Azzopardi has confirmed to MaltaToday that he is on police bail after being questioned about links to suspected fuel smugglers and money laundering allegations.

Azzopardi was in police custody yesterday after a massive police anti-smuggling operation. Two former national team footballers were charged in the early hours of Tuesday in connection with the operation.

The court has since passed a ban on the names and charges of the two men charged on Tuesday. One of the men was a customer of Azzopardi, and previous reports showed money being transferred between the two through bank accounts at the now-closed Satabank.

Azzopardi, a prominent criminal law attorney, said he had spent the night in police custody and was linked to money laundering allegations involving third parties, whom he stressed had nothing to do with the people charged in court Caution has been interrogated.

“I didn’t try to hide anything because there was nothing to hide,” he said, adding that he had fully cooperated with the police.

“I actually welcome the questions from the police and have given them all of the KYC (do you know your customer) information and relevant documentation that I have had with my customers,” said Azzopardi.

Police wanted to know more about his involvement with third parties that were of interest to the police, he said.

“Unfortunately, they didn’t have time to go to my office yesterday, so I had to spend the night in custody,” he said.