Lawyer cites satire in protection of Dickinson scholar’s anti-Semitic Holocaust video | JNS

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The attorney, who represents a student attending Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, who is currently being screened by the school for anti-Semitic comments made in a video about the Holocaust, said the clip was satirical, the local news channel reported ABC27 on Wednesday.

Junior Shane Shuma, formally dressed in a suit, names several reasons why the Holocaust was “a good thing” and notes “official SS statistics” as “96 percent of Germans said it made their lives a lot more positive “.

“One of them is,” The Holocaust is a good thing because you can’t have racism if you only have one race. I mean … the jokes were targeting anti-Semites, “said Shuma’s attorney Samantha Harris, Jewish, who notes that her client said these lines as part of a friend’s film project when he was 16 (the cameraman is laughing in the background to listen.)

“We now live in a climate where we are all judged by our worst choices, our stupidest choices, our worst moments, sometimes as children,” she added.

Harris cited free speech, especially satire, in defense of her client.

“There is this fusion of language and violence. You know, the idea of ​​someone telling a joke or saying something that hurts someone’s feelings is actually synonymous with a threat to their safety, ”she explained. “So that when someone is around you – you know that emotional security and physical security are the same thing, and that we are all somehow entitled to emotional security and comfort at all times.”

Since the video was uploaded to YouTube by an unknown source in January, Shuma said he lost his job, destroyed his home and was banned from some student projects, Harris told ABC27.

However, the television report also stated that Shuma is known to write “inflammatory articles” for the school newspaper.

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