Lawyer doesn’t expect fines to be handed out in new B.C. roadblocks

Lawyer doesn't expect fines to be handed out in new B.C. roadblocks

VANCOUVER (NEWS 1130) – This weekend, police will step up enforcement of COVID-19 travel restrictions, so more police road checks are planned in BC. However, a lawyer says the likely fines won’t fly.

Vancouver-based attorney Kyla Lee says the police have the power to turn you around and issue tickets – but she doesn’t think tickets will become commonplace in the early days. But that could change over time.

“Some people will be tired of not being able to travel on weekends. And we’ll see more tickets down the street than we did on the first weekend of the roadblock, she says.

On the subject of matching items:

While the roadblocks are meant to be more of a deterrent “and less of a way of generating revenue by just automatically issuing tickets to people,” says Lee, if you defy an official’s order to go home or go belligerent, “then you will probably go. ” to face the ticket. “

“It is at the discretion of the police officers not to issue tickets and we will mainly use the roadblocks to keep people from traveling and to make them turn around,” she says.

When you drive to a roadside checkpoint, Lee says that an officer will first ask for your name, address, and ID.

“You must produce in the state all of the laws in force in British Columbia. And then they will ask you about the purpose of your trip. If you don’t answer the question or give a reason for traveling that doesn’t meet the essential travel exemption, you will most likely be given the opportunity to turn around and go home, ”explains Lee.

On Friday, Mounties said more than 100 vehicles had stopped at a roadblock in Manning Park, but no fines had been imposed and no one was forced to turn around.