Lawyer Kay Van Wey “Dr. Loss of life” Settlements Result in Legal Case

Attorney Kay Van Wey

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Attorney Kay Van Wey of Van Wey, Presby, & Williams Trial Law Firm recently settled multiple medical malpractice cases against Dr. Christopher Duntsch. Van Wey was able to reach settlements that helped her clients replace their lost incomes, cover lifetime medical expenses in some cases, and pay off medical expenses that accrued due to the doctor’s negligence in their surgery. Michael J. Swanson, Advocate Capital, Inc. CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors, recently interviewed Van Wey about these cases.

Dr. Christopher Duntsch, commonly known as “Dr. Death”, operated as a spinal surgeon in the Dallas, TX area. During his year and a half of working as a surgeon, he performed surgery on and injured about 20 people.

Van Wey’s work on the cases against Dr. Duntsch, eventually led to the local District Attorney’s office pursuing and trying a case against Christopher Duntsch.

Attorney Van Wey continues to work to advocate for changes in the way hospitals credential physicians. She would also like to help strengthen hospitals reporting to state medical boards and the national practitioner database. Her ultimate goal is to help improve the factors that allowed Duntsch to harm patients in order to prevent other physicians from doing the same in the future.

Attorney Kay Van Wey said of these cases, “Dr. Duntsch was a young neurosurgeon that had impeccable credentials on paper. And very quickly began having problems. Not the kinds of problems that would say…this guy is not a very good surgeon, or this guy doesn’t have very good bedside manner or whatever. He began having the kind of complications that other doctors would come in on and say, we can’t even figure out how this happened…we’ve never even seen anything like this before. It really even makes one wonder if he really is a doctor, maybe we’re dealing with an imposter.”  

You can listen to the full-length interview on Episode 8 of The How David Beats Goliath Podcast: Cases That Made a Difference™ on “Dr. Death” with Attorney Kay Van Wey (

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