Lawyer: Man was shocked earlier than DEA shot him three occasions | Information – State & Regional – Missouri

Lawyer: Man was stunned before DEA shot him 3 times | News - State & Regional - Missouri

SPRINGFIELD, Mon. (AP) – A man who was fatally shot in a confrontation with federal agents was caught on a drug investigation in Springfield, an attorney for the man’s family said.

Craig Lowther, a lawyer hired by Caleb Slay’s mother to investigate his November 2 death, said the confrontation came after a U-Haul driver suspected of being involved in a drug trade stalled . Slay then got out of another vehicle to speak to the drug enforcement agents who pulled up behind the U-Haul.

James Pokryfke, a DEA spokesman, said in an email that during that conversation “there was a physical altercation between the agents and Slay which resulted in Slay being shot.”

Lowther, who spoke to a witness, said Slay spoke to a DEA agent when a second DEA agent tried to attack Slay from behind. He said Slay didn’t know what was going on and threw the second agent on the floor.

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“He never hit him,” said Lowther. “He didn’t start beating him. He didn’t do anything. “

Lowther said Slay was verbally abused, shot three times, and handcuffed. He died on the scene.

Slay carried a gun because he once worked as a bouncer at a Springfield nightclub, Lowther said. But he said Slay never showed it.

“My information is that he had put out his hands,” Lowther said.