Lawyer Normal Mark Brnovich Sides With Arizona Republicans On Election Subpoena

brnovich 2019

Republican Attorney General Mark Brnovich has filed legal papers with the Arizona Republicans for a judge to enforce a subpoena on the Maricopa County election material.

Republicans are trying to enforce a legislative subpoena against Maricopa County which, if followed, will deliver, among other things, voting equipment and voter information. The two goals are to check the system for errors and investigate fraud. Despite many legal disputes, no evidence of widespread election or election fraud was found.

A previous court offer to enforce the subpoena was discarded. Before the Maricopa County Supreme Court, Michael Catlett, an assistant attorney general, stated that the subpoena itself remains valid even if an object of the subpoena is allegedly unlawful.

However, the lawyers argue that the subpoena was not issued by a vote of the entire legislature, which is regulated and expressly approved in state law. No date has been set for the trial.