Lawyer Normal Urges Senate to Enhance Childcare Funding

Attorney General Urges Senate to Increase Childcare Funding

Attorney General Maura Healey

HYANNIS – Attorney General Maura Healey led a coalition of 22 attorneys general urging the United States Senate to provide more financial support for childcare providers in the next federal stimulus bill.

In a letter sent to the Senate, the attorneys general called on Congress to provide at least $50 billion in funding to address the immediate needs of childcare systems around the country.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many childcare providers have reduced capacity or closed, leading to little to no revenue to cover operating costs.

According to Healey, the additional funds that the attorneys general support would help childcare providers fulfill these financial obligations so that they would not be closed for good, as well as help cover essential duty pay for educators and reduce the financial burden on families.

“Families need access to quality, affordable childcare,” said Healey in a statement.

“As this pandemic shows no signs of slowing down, our childcare providers need additional federal support to ensure they’re able to open and operate. Our country’s economic well-being depends on it.”

The coalition also voiced support for broader reforms across the childcare system.

The attorneys general said that the childcare system suffers from a broken model, where “parents pay too much and educators make too little,” and that the current pandemic has increased already existing disparities in race, income and gender in the workforce.