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New Delhi: A court on Friday ordered the Delhi police to file a status report after attorney Mehmood Pracha filed a motion for judicial surveillance of a suspected case of forgery and false complaint. The court also requested footage of “searches carried out” on the attorney’s premises.
Following the raids on Pracha’s offices on Thursday, he filed the objection alleging bad faith on the part of the police. Metropolitan Magistrate Anshul Singhal said: “The investigative officer (IO) is instructed to submit a response to the application under Section 165 (5) CrPC by December 27, 2020. IO is further instructed to remain in court along with all video footage of any search conducted by him from the applicant’s office. ”
The officer was also ordered to file a Special Cell registered status report on FIR number 212/2020 and put it on trial on Jan. 5. The offenses in the FIR relate to forgery, false evidence, fraud, criminal conspiracy, etc.
Pracha argued before the court, saying “the police had to be stopped and not take the law into their own hands”. His motion cited “a egregious example of lawlessness and illegality under the guise of an investigation” by the Delhi police.
In August, a court ordered the criminal investigation department or the Delhi Police Department’s special cell to investigate allegations of forgery and false deposit by a complainant, apparently with the aim of “inciting a senior attorney”.
The complaint was filed by Irshad Ali on March 4 that his shop was looted and burned during the riots in northeast Delhi. Ali then filed two complaints on May 22nd and July 14th accusing the investigator of malicious intent.
As this was a reason for another defendant to request bail, the court ordered the police to file a report. The Northeast DCP’s report to additional judges, Vinod Yadav, alleged that Ali changed his stance in the course of the lawsuit after a lawyer induced him to “falsely dismiss” through a “falsified affidavit”.
The report quoted Ali as alleging before the police that a lawyer representing another accused riot had called him into his office and offered to provide an eyewitness to assist him in a similar case.
In his original complaint, Ali said his shop near Dayalpur was set on fire by rioters, none of whom he could identify by his face. During the court-ordered police investigation, he alleged the attorney reached out to him earlier this month, claiming that his client saw the rioters burn down his shop and asked him to agree to a joint complaint about a stronger case to put forward.
However, Ali agreed, he said he had never seen the eyewitness before. Further investigation revealed that the joint applicant was himself a suspect in another riot and had evaded arrest since February.
The attorney’s new affidavit was signed by a notary named Sanjay Saxena, who, according to his widow, died on November 14, 2017.