Lawyer says prosecutor ‘had no evidence’ and McGregor got no special treatment as sex assault case dropped

Lawyer says prosecutor ‘had no evidence’ and McGregor got no special treatment as sex assault case dropped


Onor McGregor’s attorney said the decision to drop the case for sexual assault against the UFC star was “fully justified” and that he received “no preferential treatment” because of his celebrity status.

Charges were raised in Corsica this week of attempted sexual assault and indecent exposure of the Crumlin man.

The Sunday World can show that the French prosecutors have closed their investigations since his police interview in September without further contact with McGregor.

A lawyer who worked for the Irish star in Corsica told us this week that prosecutors closed the case after finding no evidence to support the claim.

“In fact, this case was closed without further follow-up by the Bastia prosecutor,” said Emmanuelle Ramond. She said the police investigation had uncovered any evidence and that no further legal action was pending against McGregor in Corsica.

She said: “Numerous inquiries have been carried out and scientific reports ordered that do not confirm the complainant’s statements.”

McGregor’s US spokeswoman Karen Kessler said, “They conducted a criminal investigation. They collected DNA and the DNA evidence confirmed McGregor’s report.

Shut down

Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor face each other.

Dustin Poirier and Conor McGregor face each other.

“The case is over and Conor is focused on his upcoming fight in July and the birth of his child.”

McGregor was officially informed of the decision and the reasons for closing the case in a letter from the Bastia prosecutor sent this week to his home at the K-Club in Straffan, Co. Kildare.


Prosecutor Arnaud Viornery told a French news agency: “We did not have any material evidence to confirm the applicant’s statements, not even after the appointed scientific experts.”

McGregor, who is currently in Dubai with his wife Dee Devlin and family, has not directly commented on the decision.

Shortly after the allegations surfaced, he announced the allegations were “cops ** t” and vowed never to “pay anyone to come up with vicious lies”.

The multimillionaire sports star was supposed to take part in a relay race on water bikes from Calvi to Monaco with Princess Charlene of Monaco in September last year in order to raise awareness of water safety.

McGregor was interviewed by police after a woman alleged he had “attempted sexual assault and sexual exhibitions.”

He vigorously denied the charge from the start and was released without being formally arrested or charged with any crime.

This week, the L’Amphi bar in Calvi, where the attack allegedly took place, appeared closed, but staff previously told reporters they were unaware of the incident.

Meanwhile, McGregor was embroiled in a war of words with rival fighter Dustin Poirier over refusing a promise to donate to the American’s charitable foundation.

Shut down

Conor McGregor in training

Conor McGregor in training

Conor McGregor in training

This week, McGregor said the $ 500,000 was not paid because the charity did not show him a plan for how the money would be spent.

Before they fought in January, he promised to pay the money to the Good Fight Foundation.

But since Poirier accused him of not getting through, McGregor threatened to call off their fight.

He wrote: “You are torn, you inbred hillbilly. Why are you winking your ears? You fuck a brain-dead hillbilly. 500k with no plan.

“You’re stuck. Stupid. You must be new in the money. The fight is over, by the way. I’ll fight someone else on the 10th. Good luck with your old contract child.”

However, on Thursday, UFC chief Dana White said the two will face each other at full capacity in front of a crowd on July 10. Tickets should go on sale this week.

When asked if the two-week quarantine for travelers from Dubai would affect McGregor’s travel plans, Ms. Kessler told Sunday World that his travel plans were “private.”

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