Lawyer shares moments resulting in coronary heart assault that killed Athens man earlier than Capitol siege

Lawyer shares moments leading to heart attack that killed Athens man before Capitol siege

HUNTSVILLE, Ala – Kevin Greeson died of a heart attack on the U.S. Capitol grounds after the Stop the Steal rally before the Capitol was injured, according to Mark McDaniel, attorney for the Greeson family.

In the days since, McDaniel says, the family has been inundated after multiple social media posts were discovered, sometimes threatening violence. Greeson can also be seen holding multiple guns in a post. Because of the posts, people who didn’t know Greeson wondered what his intentions were in DC.

“Because he had a gun and supported President Trump, some people say we’re glad he’s dead. You’d be surprised how many we have like that, ”said McDaniel of the comments on Greeson.

McDaniel says Greeson was never in combat and was never armed. Citing an independent report by a New York Times reporter who witnessed the events surrounding Greeson’s heart attack.

“The New York Times reporter reached out to her (Greeson’s wife) and told her what happened. There are a number of people who have said or reported that he was verbally abused or had a taser. He didn’t have a taser or a gun at all, ”said McDaniel.

The Greeson family are adamant, they don’t believe Kevin Greeson was in DC to cause harm. In his final moments, he even checked in with his family.

“She spoke to him on the phone when he actually died. Actually having a heart attack. She thought the phone was dead. But he had a heart attack, ”said McDaniel.

According to his lawyer, Greeson worked in the steel industry and once supported President Barack Obama. Even at Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

“He’s a strong unionist. He liked it when President Trump ran for office. He liked economic policy. Over time, the economy did well. He supported President Trump with all his might, “said McDaniel.

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