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MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – The murder and manslaughter conviction of former Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin on Tuesday for nailing George Floyd’s neck with his knee reiterated the litigation over the death of another black American, Pamela Turner .

Floyd family attorney Ben Crump said after the jury announced it found Chauvin guilty on all counts for going on a march for justice for black women, including Turner, who was in 2019 by a police officer Was fatally shot in the Houston suburbs of Baytown, Texas, after a fight over his stun gun.

“If you were outraged when you saw the video of George Floyd being killed by the police, you should be equally outraged when you see the video of you killing Pam Turner, an unarmed black woman who was on the Back and he shot the face, chest and stomach, ”said Crump, adding that the demonstration would take place in a few weeks.

Crump, a noted civil rights attorney, also represents Turner’s family in a federal lawsuit filed April 8th.

Turner, 44, was killed in the parking lot of her apartment complex in May 2019 after a confrontation with Baytown official Juan Delacruz, who also lived in the complex. Delacruz shot Turner after the two battled over his stun gun.

A viewer captured the confrontation on video.

Delacruz was charged with aggravated assault by an officer in September 2020, a crime that could result in life imprisonment of five years if convicted. According to his attorney, Greg Cagle, Delacruz has an administrative assignment with the Baytown Police Department.

Cagle says his client defended himself.

“If you take a cop’s taser, you will be shot 100% of the time,” said Cagle when the lawsuit was filed.

Turner’s family and their lawyers said she was suffering from a mental crisis at the time of the shooting. Turner was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2005.

Crump and Turner announced the federal lawsuit against Delacruz, the city of Baytown and the apartment complex on the occasion of Turner’s 46th birthday. They were joined by Tamika Palmer, the mother of Breonna Taylor, a black paramedic who was shot five times by white officers in Louisville, Kentucky, in March 2020 while serving an arrest warrant.

After Turner’s death, Baytown – a town of more than 75,000 east of Houston – set up a citizens’ council after criticizing several police incidents. In September, a grand jury indicted a former Baytown police officer who was accused of kicking a man while another person was taping a video of their obstruction to traffic.

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