Lawyer: teen shot neighbor in self-defense after assault

Lawyer: teen shot neighbor in self-defense after attack

BRANDON, miss. (AP) – An 18-year-old Mississippi man charged with the death of a neighbor took up self-defense against someone who “violently assaulted” him after months of threats, his lawyer says.

DeShawn Douglas is charged with Monday’s murder of 54-year-old Christopher Miln. The shooting took place in a neighborhood near Ross Barnett Reservoir in Rankin County, and a neighbor videotaped some of the conflict.

Douglas’s attorney Scott Gilbert said in a statement that Miln made threats against Douglas and Douglas’ 13-year-old brother.

“Shawn and his family had taken all available steps to protect themselves from Miln in the months before Miln’s violent attack on Shawn,” said Gilbert. “In early October, Shawn brought an assault charge against Miln in the judicial court after Miln threatened to attack Shawn with a shovel.”

Court documents dated December 3 showed that Miln was charged with simple assault and trespassing following an incident with Douglas. Miln was ordered not to have any contact with Douglas.

“We had to go to court, then to court, and then everything was dropped,” said Miln’s wife, Donna Miln.

She said that regardless of the differences between the two men, there was no need to be shot. Christopher Miln died after being taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center.

Douglas first appeared in court on Tuesday, and a judge denied the loan. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for January 5th.