Lawyer who argued for Bush in 2000 election: ‘I do consider the election is over’

Lawyer who argued for Bush in 2000 election: 'I do believe the election is over'

Theodore Olson, the attorney who argued George W. Bush’s case in the Supreme Court in the 2000 election, said he felt that the 2020 elections were over and the nation would have a new president if it were democratic Joe BidenJoe BidenBiden has spoken to some GOP Senators, Chief of Staff Trump told advisors that shortly after the Biden victory was confirmed, he could announce the offer for 2024: Obama was “concerned” about GOP attempts to cast doubt on the election results : “This is a dangerous way” MORE is inaugurated.

“The Framers separated because they knew individuals would be flawed. They have written a lot of checks and we have just witnessed a choice, ”said Olson dA panel is being hosted by the Federalist Society, according to the National Law Journal.

“To the extent that the citizens of this country did not like it, how President TrumpDonald John TrumpBiden spoke to a few GOP senators. According to the chief of staff, Trump told advisors he could announce the offer for 2024 shortly after the Biden victory was certified: The Ivy League report cancels winter sports amid the US COVID-19 pandemic spoken, or the way he threatened people, or the way he carried out the laws, they exercised their right to vote. And we have – I think the elections are over – a new president, ”said Olson.

Several news outlets named the presidential race on Saturday in Biden’s favor, but Trump has refused to allow the race because his campaign has opened a series of lawsuits across multiple states.

Trump and his allies have made unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud, but Biden leads in some key states with tens of thousands of votes.

On Thursday evening, the Electoral Infrastructure Government Coordination Council and the Electoral Infrastructure Sector Coordination Council said in a joint statement that the election is the election safest in American history.

“Currently, election officials across the country are reviewing and reviewing the entire electoral process before finalizing the outcome,” the groups said.

“There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes or compromised them in any way,” the officials said.

Emily Murphy, a Trump appointee overseeing the General Services Administration, has refused to recognize Biden as president-elect, preventing the team from beginning several aspects of the transition.

Murphy’s recognition of Biden as elected president gives the team access to millions of federal funding for salaries, advisers, and travel, as well as the opportunity to meet with current government officials and learn about intelligence.