Lawyer’s murder: 3 accused sent to 12 days’ police custody

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The three people accused of stabbing Jamnagar attorney Kirit Joshi at the behest of gangster Jayesh Ranpariya were held in police custody for 12 days after being produced in a local Jamnagar court on Friday.

Krunal Desai, deputy superintendent of the police (Jamnagar Rural), brought the three defendants – Dilip Thakkar, his brother Hardik and Jayant Gadhvi – before the court of the additional high-ranking civil judge NN Pathar in Jamnagar on Friday evening. “We requested her pre-trial detention for 14 days, alerting the court to the fact that the trio had been on the run for a long time after stabbing Joshi and that custody was required to gather evidence. The court upheld our plea and held her in police custody for 12 days, ”Anil Desai, former president of the Rajkot Bar Association, who was appointed special prosecutor in the Kirit Joshi murder, told The Indian Express.

Desai argued in court that Ranpariya aka Jayesh Patel came into contact with Dilip while he was detained in Sabarmati prison in connection with the Eva Park land grab and in connection with a murder in the Bapungar area of ​​Ahmedabd. Prosecutors argued that Ranpariya hatched a conspiracy in prison to have Joshi murdered and gave Dilip Rs3 Crore contract for it, as Joshi, as the lawyer who represented contractor Vinodchandra Mehta in the Eva Park land grab, led a tough legal battle who led to Ranpariya had not received bail for a long time.

Prosecutors said the three defendants, who live in the Bapunagar area of ​​Ahmedabad, first fled to Rajasthan after stabbing Joshi in Jamnagar on April 28, and eventually fled abroad. They had searched for rubbish in countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Thailand, Senegal etc. before returning to India and seeking refuge in Calcutta, where they were caught on Sunday by a team from the local criminal investigation department of the Jamnagar District Police.