Legal professional in Quawan Charles Case Issued a Assertion on the Official Post-mortem Report

Attorney in Quawan Charles Case Issued a Statement on the Official Autopsy Report

The attorney on the Quawan Charles case made a statement regarding the official autopsy report:

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A full autopsy examination and report of the death of Quawan “Bobby” Charles were performed by forensic pathologists at the Louisiana Forensic Center. While the report certainly opposes the method of drowning, a simple process of elimination leads to only one reasonable conclusion: murder. It goes without saying that accidental drowning of a able-bodied person in ankle-deep water is next to impossible. While the report notes that drowning suicide is rare, it also points out that a fight as part of a murder could not be ruled out. Conveniently, these are “witnesses” who claim that cute, kind, and healthy Quawan suddenly became combative and threatened to kill themselves, presumably anyone who wanted to protect themselves – Janet Irvin and her son. Irvin is responsible for taking Quawan away from home and delivering the marijuana found in his system to him. She previously claimed Quawan consumed psychedelic mushrooms, but all toxicological reports – including this one – found none in his system. Janet Irvin is a liar and child abuser who cannot be trusted. This is the same woman who lost custody of two of her own children when she was charged with domestic violence and neglect, allegedly stealing prescription drugs and money, dumped her then two-year-old son on the floor and allowed him to drink her beer drink. The only reasonable, most obvious, conclusion is that a bad game took place here, and there has long been enough evidence to arrest Janet Irvin for her part in the tragic death of Quawan Charles. A beloved fifteen-year-old boy was taken from his family, those responsible were allowed to pack and flee in the dark of the night, and the police refused to take action. There has been a supreme and catastrophic law enforcement failure since Quawan Charles was reported missing, and that failure must end now. We demand the immediate arrest of Janet Irvin for the death of Quawan Charles. Enough is enough. The time is now.

Sincerely, Attorneys Ronald Haley, Chase Trichell, Dedrick A. Moore, and Ryan Thompson