Legal professional Michael Curran reacts to San Diego COVID-19 enforcement order –

Attorney Michael Curran reacts to San Diego COVID-19 enforcement order -

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – With COVID-19 case numbers rising and ICU capacity shrinking, San Diego Mayor, Encinitas Mayor and Carlsbad City Council are talking about additional state and county enforcement of COVID-19 safety instructions.

San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria signed an executive order on Wednesday calling for greater enforcement of state and regional public health regulations across the city.

The newly elected mayor said he had directed the San Diego Police Department and the prosecutor’s office to impose fines of up to $ 1,000 and “potentially other enforcement measures against public harassment that endanger the lives of others and openly and outrageously comply with the rules of the.” State and government oppose public health ordinances in the county. “

“As mayor, I cannot stand idly by as our local hospitals and morgues threaten to overflow as the coronavirus in our region rises uncontrollably,” said Gloria.

In a brief press conference announcing the executive order, Gloria had strong words for those he said had prolonged the pandemic “with their selfishness”.

“While many have sacrificed their social lives for a greater good, others have treated it with a disgusting degree of apathy when their neighbors died,” he said.

Attorney Michael Curran of Curran and Curran Law joined Good Morning San Diego to share his thoughts on the new order.

Curran said, “Mayor Gloria, who describes gym restaurant salons as selfish, is completely out of place. They have adjusted, they have been generous, and have done everything to continue to serve their community.”