Legal professional needs inmate with coronary heart situation launched, citing COVID-19 danger | Crime & Courts

Attorney wants inmate with heart condition released, citing COVID-19 risk | Crime & Courts

“Getting medical help for inmates there is not particularly controversial,” said Williams.

Concerned family

It was a difficult time for Barbara Clark. She had urged Kotter, her son’s court-appointed attorney, to seek medical release since October and emailed him that she and I were “panicking” over concerns for her son’s life just make a call afterwards. “

She has traveled to prison to share her concerns and read articles about the added risks her son’s conditions pose with COVID-19.

Barbara Clark said that her son told her on a phone call this week that he had been tested for COVID-19 after having a sore throat and other symptoms, but that he was not yet aware of the result.

According to Lt. Steve Metzger the prison had no active COVID-19 cases as of Friday afternoon. Since August 1, a total of 64 inmates have tested positive.

On Thursday, the state announced that a fifth prison inmate had died of COVID-19.

A quarter of the current prison population has already been sentenced and is waiting to be transported to the prison or to the Montana Justice Department’s treatment facilities, Metzger said. The division’s delay or suspension in moving its own inmates out of overcrowded county jails has been a point of friction with officials in several Montana counties.