Legal professional normal: Amherst, Buffalo debt collectors accused of ‘shakedown’ | Crime Information

Attorney general: Amherst, Buffalo debt collectors accused of 'shakedown' | Crime News

“It’s very bizarre,” Newman said of being accused in the lawsuit.

Neither Thomas, Farnham, Johnfredrick Daniels nor Jasmine Daniels could be reached for comment.

According to the attorney general’s office, the debt collectors first made calls in which they made false threats. Those are known as “shake” calls.

Then, “once a consumer is sufficiently frightened,” that person was told to call “fictitious attorneys” who made false claims, like the person is being “pursued for check fraud” or has a chance to “mediate” the matter outside of court. That’s when the collectors take payment information, according to the lawsuit.

Investigators, who wrote in court documents they have recordings of phone calls made over the last six months, said debt collectors told individuals they would be coming to their homes or places of employment. Often, they threatened they would be accompanied by “uniformed officers” or “constables,” according to the lawsuit, and made false representations of being “legal couriers” and threatened wage garnishment and suspension of driver’s licenses.

“Those who use illegal and unconscionable tactics to cheat consumers out of their hard-earned money will face the full weight of my office,” Attorney General Letitia James said in a written statement.

Midway Resolution Services also does business under the names Midway Resolution Group, Greenland Recovery Group and Greenland Group, according to the lawsuit.