Legal professionals accuse Inside Ministry of distorting details about Duhar’s alleged refusal from a number of investigative actions

Lawyers accuse Interior Ministry of distorting information about Duhar's alleged refusal from several investigative actions

KYIV. July 20 (Interfax-Ukraine) – Defense lawyers of medical nurse Yana Duhar, who is suspected of involvement in the murder of journalist Pavlo Sheremet, have said that the Interior Ministry of Ukraine distorted information about their client’s alleged refusal from participation in several investigative and procedural actions.

“This is not true. This is just a distorted peace of information presented by the Interior Ministry,” lawyer Denys Lomanov said at a press conference hosted by Interfax-Ukraine on Monday.

He also said that a lie detector test was conducted. When respective order on holding this test was handed over to Duhar, the motivational part explaining the need for holding such test, was absent from the document and no explanations were given to the defense team upon its request.

“The Interior Ministry again distorts the fact given here,” Lomanov said.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry said that despite the strong position of the suspects regarding their non-involvement in the crime and their willingness to cooperate with the investigation, Duhar refused from participation in the following investigative and procedural actions: providing a handwriting sample for expertise, taking a lie detector test, undergoing and psychological expertise, giving evidence as a suspect, height measurement.