Letter: Halvorsen for county legal professional

Letter: Halvorsen for county attorney

Published: 10/13/2020 12:01:52 AM

After serving as a lawyer in Merrimack County for decades, I've seen mediocre to excellent prosecutors serve us in this job.

Merrimack County needs a crime-level attorney who believes in the work they do for the people. The reigning Robin Davis falls far short of this mark.

Davis was a public defender for years, and when she won on registered two years ago, she never made the transition to work in the police force. She disbanded a special unit for rape and assault victims that was formed in 2015 by 27 cities and Concord to establish the Merrimack County Advocacy Center.

The lawyers were fired and the chief investigator was forced to leave because of a hostile work environment.

As a result of the current failure to treat rape and assault victims as the trained Advocacy Center staff has done, women have now complained to the Coalition against Domestic and Sexual Violence. You deserve much better.

Fortunately for our county, the answer is Concord's lead prosecutor Paul Halvorsen. Paul has handled thousands of cases for Concord for 17 years. He served twice in the electoral office as a city councilor and had 21 years of military service as well as a degree in forensics and public administration.

Halvorsen was sponsored by the Concord Police Supervisors Association and the N.H. Trooper & # 39; s Association supports.

For the victims of crime, Robin Davis must once again defend criminals.



(The writer is a former Supreme Court and Supreme Court Justice.)