LETTER: State Legal professional’s Workplace not doing its job | Letters To Editor

LETTER: State Attorney's Office not doing its job | Letters To Editor

Regarding the December 31 message, “Brothers charged with murder are suspended.” Can you explain the story of a well-known homeless man who is detained while being beaten so badly that he dies?

These brothers were 28 and 26 years old and grown men. The beating was 15 minutes of hell. There was a woman involved, but not even her names were mentioned. One of the brothers said he left because “he was tired of hearing the victim fall”.

Tell people how the prosecution changed the charges and the brothers will not be charged with second degree murder.

The state does not pursue these outsiders and a short period of time is likely to develop into a robbery or murder.

The public prosecutor’s office is missing in their work. That should protect the citizens of this region. You fail hard.