Lindani Myeni’s family lawyer requests 911 tapes, body cam footage – SABC News

Lindani Myeni's family lawyer requests 911 tapes, body cam footage - SABC News

The US attorney representing the late Lindani Myeni’s family in Honolulu, Hawaii, has requested the release of the 911 tapes and body cam footage that preceded release by the Honolulu Police Department. 911 is the emergency number in the country.

In a statement sent to SABC News, they asked the police to come clean. It is reported that trial attorney Jim Bickerton has also questioned why police did not first identify themselves when approaching the deceased.

Questioned the HPD, which was holding Myeni’s phone as evidence, Bickerton said that when an unarmed man was shot dead, the police bore the burden and that they did not get clean. Recalling the HPD’s claim that the encounter had nothing to do with race, he asks why Myeni was not given the opportunity to hear the required words, “This is the police,” calling this failure on their part irresponsible.

The statement is also based on the argument that the flashlight in Myeni’s eyes could have contributed to the escalation due to the late hour. The lawyer says the South African was treated aggressively and disrespectfully from the start. Police previously said the deadly violence was justified because they were fighting for their lives.

The video below is showing footage of Body Cam being released and SABC News correspondent Sherwin Bryce-Peace walks us through the information they have so far:

It is still not clear what Myeni did in the house he allegedly entered and took off his shoes.

Meanwhile, the family said racism had a lot to do with the attack as they await further responses.

In the video below, Myeni’s family explains the information they have so far: