Lingerie Model Hits Again at Influencer, Danielle Bernstein, Over Design Dispute

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The Great Eros and Danielle Bernstein are in a lawsuit over alleged copyright infringement.

The Great Eros, a small business and lingerie brand in New York City, is caught in a lawsuit that goes back and forth with Danielle Bernstein, a mega-influencer. According to The Great Eros, Bernstein "stole her signature tissue paper design and used it for swimwear." It is important to note, however, that Bernstein, "a 2.5 million follower fashion influencer and founder of the blog and brand WeWoreWhat, is the one who filed the first lawsuit."

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What is the last legal battle between the two of them? Well, according to The Great Eros, Bernstein allegedly "tore down the nude female line drawings that are used on the tissue paper the brand includes with every purchase." However, after the company filed a draft lawsuit against Bernstein, it "secretly hit the mark". Jeff Gluck, The Great Eros attorney, said:

"Ms. Bernstein's lawsuit is nothing more than a crude bullying tactic designed to scare and intimidate small business owners and is being dismissed. The ill-advised decision to secretly suing The Great Eros has already attacked her in spectacular fashion, and we're excited looking forward to seeing them in court. "

Gluck also "shared" a list of more than two dozen "identical features" that experts say exist between the design of The Great Eros and the items from WeWoreWhat. "As a result, he said that the Great Eros is asking Bernstein to finish her suit. He also took note of the draft lawsuit the brand plans to file against Bernstein," describes her visit to her showroom in 2018 and requests for products. "Furthermore, the suit argues that" Bernstein has in the past copied the designs of others and passed them on as their own ".

Bernstein went to her Instagram account to comment on the lawsuit and said she was not aiming for financial gain. She added:

“A few days ago, your attorney contacted us and shared a lawsuit he was about to file this week to urge us to settle an unsubstantiated claim that we are now grudgingly grappling with. I want to make it clear that I am ABSOLUTELY NO financial gain. We are simply asking the courts to confirm that we have not violated an alleged copyright law. "

She added that the WeWoreWhat print in question "was designed and hand drawn by my team in late 2018 and released in January 2020 as part of their swim collection for this season. " She wrote:

“The collection was already two seasons old and had been on the market for months at the time it was used. As we all know, female line art has been a market trend in recent years. A quick Google search reveals wallpapers, shirts, swimsuits, yoga mats, and even tattoos, and it's clear everyone had Matisse on their mind, including ShopWeWoreWhat. I personally own several feminine silhouette decorative pieces that served as inspiration as the theme of this collection was Home. I hope that we as designers and entrepreneurs can support each other and continue to be inspired by our joint work in the fashion industry. Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years. It means the world to me. "

Her comments on Instagram didn't stop some of her supporters from calling her about the design similarities.


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