Longtime federal choose and lawyer from N.J. dies

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Joel Pisano, 71, who served as a judge and judge in the US District Court in Newark for 24 years, has passed away.

An announcement on Saturday on the Walsh law firm’s website expressing his mutual condolences but not indicating when he died.

“Joel was a wise advisor and dear friend to everyone who got to know him during his time in private practice, his many years in the public service at the Bundesbank and as an intermediary and arbitrator,” says Walsh Pizzi O’Reilly’s website Falanga said. “Joel is survived by his wife, Elizabeth, the love of his life, his federal judicial family, and the many young lawyers he has coached throughout his career.”

There was no announcement when funeral services would take place.

Pisano retired as a judge in 2015. At the time, he spoke to NJ Advance Media.

“I sentenced 800 people,” said Pisano. “And it carries you. You take it seriously and you have someone’s life practically under your control and it becomes very stressful after a long time. I’ll be honest with you, it played a role in my decision to retire. “

Pisano attended Belleville High School and graduated from Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania in 1971 before entering law school at Seton Hall University in Newark. He served in the state public defense office in Newark in the early 1970s.

“Anyone looking to become a lawyer in the courtroom couldn’t get a better place to start than an Essex County public defense attorney,” Pisano said in 2015.

After leaving the defense law firm, he switched to a private practice in civil and criminal law. In 1991 he was appointed federal judge. In 2000, President Bill Clinton appointed him a judge in the federal district court.

His law firm finally said goodbye.

“Walsh mourns the loss of the Hon. Joel A. Pisano, USDJ, our friend and colleague. “

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