Los Angeles Chapter and Private Harm Lawyer Navid Kohan Nationally Acknowledged As High 5% of America’s Most Honored Legal professionals

Los Angeles Bankruptcy and Personal Injury Attorney Navid Kohan Nationally Recognized As Top 5% of America's Most Honored Lawyers

Law Firms of Navid Kohan, APLC was founded in 2010 and has been proud to serve the community for the past 10 years. For the past decade, Attorney Kohan has had the honor and privilege of working with thousands of locals los Angeles Local residents and entrepreneurs. The company has represented thousands of los Angeles Consumers and business owners, educating them about their finances and debts, and easing financial pressures that have negatively affected them and their families.

In some cases, debt settlement options are available to get a business owner or consumer back on track. However, sometimes it is better to get rid of debt and gain financial freedom by implementing federal bankruptcy law and filing for bankruptcy. There are different bankruptcy chapters so many consumers and business owners are working with Attorney Kohan to determine which option and which path to go. The company is one of the few companies that has affordable bankruptcy programs and lower-cost bankruptcy programs to help consumers reduce debt.

In addition, Attorney Kohan was recognized by the legal community as the best-rated attorney in 2020 for his legal work. The company has represented thousands of personal injury victims and bankruptcy customers, and reclaimed millions for injured victims. The company is known for its hands-on approach that enables customers to be directly involved in their injury case step by step.

Law Firms Navid Kohan, APLC is located in 5535 Balboa Blvd., Suite 228, Encino, CA. 91316. The company was founded in 2010 and has proudly served los Angeles Residents for over a decade.

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