Mabuza Attorneys parts ways with Zuma – SABC News

Mabuza Attorneys parts ways with Zuma - SABC News

Former President Jacob Zuma was injured again after his attorneys, Mabuza Attorneys, announced that they would no longer represent him.

The move takes place three weeks before his corruption trial begins before the Pietermaritzburg Supreme Court in KwaZulu-Natal.

Mabuza’s lawyers filed a notice of resignation this morning with the Pietermaritzburg Supreme Court. The withdrawal also comes at a time when Zuma has lost the Supreme Court’s appeal judgment on the state paying for its bill.

This may result in Zuma’s day in court being rescheduled as he now has to find new lawyers who need to be brief and familiar with the arms deal case.

The former president is alleged to have received bribes through his financial advisor from a French defense company, Thales International, to protect the company from scrutiny. He has faced corruption, extortion, fraud and money laundering related to the matter.

Zuma denies the claims against him.

The former president also faces a possible sanction by the Constitutional Court after resisting an order to appear before the commission to investigate allegations of state imprisonment allegedly made during his tenure as head of government.

While the ruling ANC has encouraged him to comply with the country’s laws, Zuma feels disappointed in some high-ranking members of the organization.

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