Man shot, killed by Killeen police ‘wanted assist,’ says lawyer | Breaking

Man shot, killed by Killeen police ‘needed help,’ says lawyer | Breaking

Civil rights attorney Lee Merritt posted a video showing the moments that led to the Killeen shootings on Sunday that resulted in the death of a Killeen man.

Merritt also posted the late husband’s name, Patrick Warren Sr., in a tweet that included the video.

“He was suffering from a mental crisis and just needed help. Instead, he was shot three times in the chest and verbally abused, “Merritt said in the tweet.

He has also called for the officer concerned to be arrested immediately.

Merritt is the same attorney who represented the family of Michael Dean, who was shot dead in Temple in 2019 by former officer Carmen DeCruz. In the video, Warren can be seen leaving the residence and walking towards the officer with his hands outstretched as the officer withdraws. As Warren continues to move forward, he swings his arms and the officer tells Warren to step on the floor and people can be heard in the residence telling the officer not to shoot Warren.

As Warren and the officer barely get it out of the way, a taser sounds and appears to hit Warren when you can hear him fight. After the video is cut from the ringing of the ringtone to what appears to be a cell phone video, Warren can be seen getting off the floor while people near the house ask him to sit down and sit down. Warren continued to walk towards the cop and outside of the video, three shots can be heard as people near the residence shouted and pleaded with the cop.

“I told you not to use a gun,” they said several times in the video.

The Killeen Police Department released a press release on Monday saying the officer concerned had been taken on administrative leave. KPD has not publicly identified the official’s name. The Texas Rangers are investigating the shooting, which is normal protocol for a KPD officer.

Melissa Brown, a member of Killeen City Council, released a statement after seeing the video on Wednesday.

“I come to church today with a broken heart because of the recent tragedy in our city. A few days ago the KPD issued a statement regarding a shooting that killed one of our citizens, ”said Brown. “From this moment on I can publicly say that the city council should receive a full briefing on the situation on Tuesday 19th January. After the briefing, I expect the city to receive a more official statement that will be presented to the public. “