Marilyn Mason is Hit with Another Domestic Violence Suit

Marilyn Mason is Hit with Another Domestic Violence Suit

Esmé Bianco charges Marilyn Mason of domestic abuse, rape, and assault in a new lawsuit.

British actress Esmé Bianco has filed a lawsuit in federal court in California accusing singer Marilyn Mason (real name Brian Warner) of “sexual assault and the sexual battery.”

The lawsuit states: “Ms. Bianco flew to Los Angeles in 2009 to shoot a video that turned into a multi-day attack in which she was flogged and electrocuted. She and Mr. Manson later began a friendly relationship and in 2011 convinced Ms. Bianco, the British, to live with him in Los Angeles while he helped her get a visa and start her career in the United States. During this time, she suffered constant abuse at his hands, and he raped her. “

The lawsuit alleges that Manson “used fraudulent offers of film and music video roles to persuade Ms. Bianco to travel to Los Angeles, prompting Mr. Warner to threaten violence and engage in violent sexual acts on Ms. Bianco, which she did not consent to. Tony Ciulla, the then manager of Mason, and his management company are also named in the lawsuit for violating human trafficking laws.

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“MS. Bianco, who played Ros in” Game of Thrones, “was promised a lead role in a movie Mr. Manson made when she moved from London to Los Angeles to be with him in 2011,” reads in the lawsuit. Instead, he began to control her movements, keeping her awake for days, forbidding her to see visitors in his house and threatening to disrupt her visa process. She eventually escaped while he was sleeping. “It continues:” Mr. Ciulla and others around Mr. Manson knew or experienced his abuse of Ms. Bianco … Mr. Warner’s management had a vested interest in supporting his violent tendencies, promoting the creation of his ‘art’ and promoting the Marilyn Manson brand. “

In Bianco’s suit it is said that Manson once chased her “with an ax” and cut her “with a Nazi knife” without her consent. Then he took photos of the wounds and “put the pictures online, even without their consent”.

Manson was also charged with domestic violence, rape and assault by actress and ex-Evan Rachel Wood. Further assault allegations came after Wood detailed what had happened on social media. Soon after, Mason was dropped from his record label, agents, and Ciulla.

In February, Mason Woods denied allegations on Instagram by saying, “Of course my art and my life have long been a magnet for controversy, but these recent claims about me are terrible distortions of reality. My intimate relationships with like-minded partners have always been consensual. Regardless of how – and why – others choose to misrepresent the past now, that is the truth. “

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office Special Victims Bureau is still investigating all domestic violence allegations.

Ciulla Management’s attorney Edwin F. McPherson insisted that Bianco’s decision to involve the company “is not only legally unfounded, but also insulting and absurd. We look forward to officially contesting these utterly frivolous allegations. “

Manson attorney Howard King responded, “We will vigorously challenge these allegations in court and are confident we will prevail.”

Bianco said: “For far too long my perpetrator has been left unchecked, made possible by money, fame and an industry that has turned a blind eye. I will help keep Brian Warner from destroying further lives and empower other victims to seek their own little measure of justice. “


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