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Big Returns from Election Returns – My Shingle

With a presidential election day in less than 24 hours, the whole country is nervous and waiting for results. But it’s not just the crowd within the Beltway around me that will be affected by the outcome. The choice affects most of your customers and prospects, whether they are individuals, small businesses, nonprofits, or public institutions. And you can generate business returns from election results by being the first to hit the market – be it on your blog, podcast, social media, or webinar – with an explanation of what the election results mean and what happens next.

Presidential election – What is most interesting about this year’s presidential election is not so much the changes, but as soon as we actually know the result. With a spike in mail-in ballots due to coronavirus and a crazy quilt of various state laws regulating when to count, we may not know the winner for several days. In this situation, consumers and customers may be looking for legal insight into how the process should work – and as lawyers, we are in a unique position to provide comments.

Legislative races – Congress and state and local legislatures across the county could have a new political party in power, which in turn can influence politics. Consumers and businesses want to know what new laws to expect and how these new laws will affect their planning. Here you might want to create a short series that includes some general predictions shortly after the election, followed by a webinar or personal invitation to meet with existing or potential customers once the voting dust has subsided.

Referendums Unlike presidential and legislative competitions, where the effects are not always known immediately, the effects or referendums are clear after the votes are counted. This year there are numerous referendums on government votes that could affect customers – from the gig economy referendum in Califonia that would exclude companies like Uber and Lyft from a recently passed law that classifies drivers as workers on a referendum in Georgia that would lift sovereign immunity on a series of municipal proposals addressing police reform nationally. You should immediately share these referendum results with affected customers and consider booking podcast interviews or hosting a webinar so customers can thwart the impact.

Judge In some parts, like my home state of Maryland, judicial elections receive little attention as judges are appointed and only have to stand for once to retain their seats. But that has to change. As reported by a recent Chicago Tribune article, there are some judges on the bench who don’t deserve to be there, although it would take most people a fair amount of time to find out. Again, lawyers play a unique role and can assist the public in fulfilling their civic obligation to vote by sharing their experiences and opinions about the candidates.

Regardless of tomorrow’s outcome, everyone in our nation will be affected in some way. They will seek advice from the media, the speakers and analysts – and their lawyers too. Are you ready?