Mayor honors Yost as lawyer ends longtime position with county | Information

Mayor honors Yost as attorney ends longtime role with county | News

Williamson County Mayor Rogers Anderson proclaimed Thursday Bill Yost Day in honor of the longtime Williamson County attorney who is ceasing to work with the county.

“I want us all to show Bill the appreciation he has had for all of us over these many, many years,” Anderson said during the county commission meeting on Monday. “Bill, thank you very much.”

Yost has a long history as a Middle Tennessee attorney and has spent most of his career – over 40 years – serving as a delinquent tax attorney in Williamson County. He was first appointed to this role in 1979 by Lilly Buford, who was then a county trustee. He has since been reappointed by the three county trustees, including current trustee Karen Paris.

Prior to working in the county, he began his legal career as an associate with Joe Saperstein and Associates in Nashville, after graduating from Vanderbilt Law School in 1973. Two years later he became a partner at Petersen, Buerger and Yost in Franklin, where he remained until 1986. While working for the county, he also worked in his current position at Yost Robertson Nowak.

“His guidance and advice are respected and sought after by criminal (tax) attorneys throughout the state of Tennessee to develop best practices for collecting delinquent property and personal property taxes,” said Anderson.

He mentioned that under Yost, the county had one of the highest tax collection rates in the state, including a rate of over 99.96% in 1996 and 1997.

Bill Yost Day, which honors not only a prominent local attorney but also an Army veteran, happens to coincide with the day after Veterans Day. Yost served as a squad leader in the US Army with the 1st Cavalry Division in the 2nd Battalion of the 8th Cavalry during the Vietnam War.

Anderson said that after Yost retired from work in the county, Yost is looking forward to spending more time on his hobbies.

“(He) will soon be spending more time enjoying his favorite hobbies, cooking French cuisine with friends, growing heirloom tomatoes … exploring Tennessee for wild mushrooms and continuing to care for farmland, open spaces and scenic views of his beloved Gambier insert, Ohio area, “said Anderson.