McCollum pronounces chief deputy, assistant district attorneys

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Heidi McCollum is sworn in as the first female district attorney in the 5th judicial district.

EAGLE – Heidi McCollum, assistant district attorney for Colorado’s 5th District Attorney, has announced who will serve as assistant district attorney and assistant district attorney when she is sworn in as district attorney on Jan. 12.

Joe Kirwan, currently assistant district attorney, will serve as assistant district attorney, McCollum said, and Lisa Hunt, currently assistant district attorney, will serve as assistant district attorney.

Kirwan has been with the 5th law firm since 2013. With decades of experience in criminal law, he will focus on complex cases across the county and work with his attorneys to prepare and present court cases.

Hunt has also followed up on major cases in the district, including the St. Patrick’s Day sexual assault case. According to McCollum, Hunt will perform similar roles as a chief of staff to ensure the day-to-day operations of the office in the 5th Judicial District, which includes the Clear Creek, Eagle, Lake and Summit counties, runs smoothly and efficiently.

“I look forward to working with Lisa and Joe to introduce new ideas and programs that will ultimately help make our communities safer and healthier for all of us,” said McCollum. “We will be working on plans to implement these from January and we look forward to continuing to serve the people in our district.”

McCollum was an unopposed candidate in the general election to fill the district attorney position currently held by Bruce Brown, who has served as a district attorney for eight years. Brown was unable to run for re-election due to tenure restrictions, and McCollum will be the first woman to serve as the Supreme District Attorney’s office.

McCollum’s inauguration as district attorney is slated to come on Jan. 12 due to the coronavirus pandemic and public health restrictions.