McGinley sworn in as district legal professional for Newton, Walton counties

McGinley sworn in as district attorney for Newton, Walton counties

Randy McGinley was sworn in as the Alcovy Judicial Circuit District Attorney for Newton and Walton counties Thursday, December 31st.

McGinley has served as the acting district attorney since June 2, replacing Layla Zon, who was appointed a Supreme Court Justice by Governor Brian Kemp. McGinley is now serving as a district attorney for a four-year term.

Zon swore in McGinley in the historic Walton County Courthouse in Monroe. McGinley began his career in the Alcovy prosecutor’s office after Zon, who served as a prosecutor from 2010 until her appointment in May 2020, hired McGinley as assistant prosecutor in 2011.

McGinley’s wife, Charly, and her two daughters joined him during his swearing-in. Supreme Court Justices John Ott, Eugene Benton, Ken Wynne, Cheveda McCamy, and Jeff Foster, as well as family members, local law enforcement officials, and friends also attended.

McGinley said, “I look forward to continuing to serve the people of Newton and Walton Counties as I have done for almost 10 years.

“Our offices are full of wonderful people who work day in and day out to achieve justice and help victims of crime in our communities. I assure you that we will continue to be the DA office that always strives to be right To do and work harder than I am, I continue to seek to work with the community to make sure Newton and Walton Counties are a place we want to raise our families.

“I cannot thank my wife and family enough for their love and support. I would also like to thank everyone who came (December 31st) and everyone who could only support and help me on this path.

“Thank you to the people of Newton and Walton Counties for entrusting me with this job. Finally, I would like to thank everyone in the Newton and Walton DA offices for their hard work and commitment to our communities.”