McKeesport Nursing Residence Sued by Household of Former Steelers Lineman, Sam Davis


Sam Davis’s family is suing a McKeesport nursing home on charges of negligence and unjustified death.

A McKeesport nursing home is facing a lawsuit by the family of a former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman, Samuel R. Davis, on charges of death and negligence. According to the lawsuit filed in the Allegheny County Common Pleas Court by Davis’ children Samantha, Dorothy, Ruel, Tammi, and Vanessa Davis, Davis died on September 10, 2019 … “His body was found at the bottom of a series of private flights of stairs in New Life Personal Care Home. “Davis moved into the nursing home in 2000.

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Davis was known in the football arena and “played guard for the Steelers’ Super Bowl teams in the 1970s and was team captain”. He stayed with the team for 15 years before retiring in 1982.

Commenting on the suit, Jim Cole, the nursing home manager, said, “All I know is that he had a heart attack … It’s on the death certificate.”

But what supposedly happened? Well, it all started in 1991 when Davis suffered a head injury that only got worse over time. As a result of the injury, he suffered from “memory impairment, decreased cognitive abilities, seizures, blindness of the occipital lobe and personality changes, slow speech and gait,” the suit said. To make matters worse, Davis was diagnosed with dementia in 1994, and moved to the New Life nursing home in 2000.

Despite the fact that Davis’ ability to see and walk had decreased dramatically over the years, the “nursing home still allowed him to live on the second floor of the facility and have access to a private staircase that led to an outside exit ” the suit. The lawsuit goes on to say that on the morning of his death, “Davis did not show up for breakfast and the staff were looking for him … At 8:00 am they called the police who were also looking for him.” found dead at the foot of the private staircase ”.

The suit states:

“During the entire 14-hour time Sam was missing, the defendant facility was unable to discover Sam’s body in this stairwell.”

As a result, the suit argues that “Davis was alive and could have been saved after the fall had it not been for the delay in finding him.” In addition, the family argues that the facility was negligent in not blocking the stairwell and “not conducting an adequate search for it”. The family is currently filing for damages under the Pennsylvania Wrongful Death Act for funeral expenses and loss of companionship.


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