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NEW ULM – The council will consider amendments to the prosecutor’s contract at its meeting on Tuesday.

During the city council’s February 16 session, the city council tabled an amendment to the prosecutor’s service contract to allow for a review of the service contract with Brown County for prosecution.

The law firm Kidney Garden & Hippert has been a city attorney for New Ulm since 1979. From 1986 until Hugh Kidney Garden’s retirement in 2015, three or four attorneys provided legal services necessary to meet the city’s needs, including all related work in the city’s law enforcement, civil matters that the city and also the New Ulm Public Utilities are involved.

Roger Hippert and Tom Borgen were able to cover these, but since January 4th Borgen has left the company and Hippert is not able to provide all services as an individual practitioner. Hippert started negotiations to join the Blethen Berens law firm. The addition of the Blethen and Berens law firm would require changes to the current retention agreement. This new agreement would mean an increase in legal fees for the city.

The council decided to wait for Brown County to come up with a proposal before making any changes.


The city is considering approving a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and the city regarding the intersection lighting on Trunk Highway 15, Shag Road, and the DNR entrance.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (Mn / DOT) was planning a project in 2021 that would include signal exchange on 16th North and HWY 14 (Broadway), various ADA improvements, and the installation of intersection lights on Highway 15 and Shag Road and the DNR entrance includes. The project agreement between the city and Mn / DOT was approved on October 6, 2020. The memorandum of understanding details the agreement with the city on electricity costs associated with lighting. New Ulm pays these costs, which are estimated at USD 420 per year. In return, the DNR takes over the necessary mowing around the New Ulm welcome sign. Also included in the agreement is that the city maintains the system and bills the DNR for this work. This regulation should have a balanced impact on the city budget.


The Council will take the second reading of an amendment that will reduce the number of members of the Energy Awareness Commission from nine to five. The Energy Awareness Commission has endeavored to maintain a necessary quorum of members for holding meetings. The reduction in the total number of members makes it easier for the Commission to hold regular meetings.

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