Metropolis Lawyer Bob Kasango Dies

City Lawyer Bob Kasango Dies

Well-known Ugandan lawyer Bob Kasango is dead.

Kasango reportedly died of heart failure in Luzira Prison on Saturday night.

Kasango was sentenced to 16 years in prison in 2018 for stealing 15 billion shillings from pensioners.

At the time of death, Kasango was still serving his prison sentence.

Kasango had heart complications that kept him in and out of the hospital.

The deceased co-founded the publication The Independent and also ran a law firm in the city.

Journalist Andrew Mwenda confirmed the death of his close associate.

“He just died,” Mwenda told ChimpReports at 10:00 pm.

Mwenda said Kasango was pronounced dead in “Murchison Bay Hospital in Luzira Prison”.

Jail chief Johnson Byabashaija also confirmed the development of this website.

“True. He died tonight at our Murchison Bay Hospital,” said Byabashaija.

When asked about the cause of death, Byabashaija replied, “Heart problems. But death in custody is a police matter. You have to do a post mortem. “

Kasango’s sentence was due to expire on December 20, 2034.

If behaved well, the earliest possible release date would have been August 31, 2029, according to prison officials.

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