Metropolis of Chino lawyer receives $10 per hour increase | Information

City of Chino attorney receives $10 per hour raise | News

Chino City Council unanimously approved a $ 10 an hour increase for Chino’s attorney Fred Galante, who is now making $ 200 an hour.

Mr. Galante’s salary for special service projects, including litigation, franchise negotiations, and solid waste issues, has also increased from $ 215 to $ 225 per hour.

Mr. Galante of Aleshire & Wynder (A&W) had requested a five percent pay increase for himself and other lawyers at the firm, which had in certain cases signed contracts with the city.

After evaluating the performance of last month’s session, the city council on November 3rd approved the increases through December 31st.

Starting January 1, 2021, A&W will increase its hourly rate for legal services by an additional $ 5 per hour.

The 2017 contract with Chino City provides the company with a $ 5 hourly increase every odd year if job performance is satisfactory.

The last increase was in 2019.

The city council also approved an increase in reimbursable rates by $ 255 to $ 275 per hour through December 31, with a third party paying legal fees.

According to the Human Resources Report, all funds for legal services have been budgeted for the 2020-21 fiscal year, so funds are currently not required. However, the increases may require additional funds before the end of the fiscal year.

Other positions Get $ 1 bump

To meet the January 1 hike from $ 13 to $ 14 an hour in the minimum wage, the city council approved the first paycheck for the cable TV worker, community service manager, equipment mechanic assistant, maintenance trainee trainee, and interns starting in January 2021.