Miami Woman Arrested After Allegedly Posing As Student To Get Kids To Follow Her On Instagram – Thelegaltorts

Miami Woman Arrested After Allegedly Posing As Student To Get Kids To Follow Her On Instagram – JONATHAN TURLEY

Audrey Nicole Francisquini, 28, wanted people to check her Instagram account enough times to dress like a college student to hand out flyers at American Senior High School in Hialeah. She got her wish. After leading the police, they identified her from her Instagram account. The fees are a bit strange, however.

Francisquini was reportedly seen in a backpack, a skateboard, and a record of their interactions on her cell phone. When she was stopped, she claimed to be a student who was looking for the residents’ registration office.

While she allegedly refused to leave at first, she eventually went through a side door before the police arrived. However, the police immediately discovered all of their flyers, which, according to WTVJ-TV, made identification fairly easy.

The fees are odd. I can understand disruption in an educational facility, but it is also being charged with burglary, WFOR reported. The State Criminal Code in the section 810.02 contains a very broad definition of break-in in order to “Entering or remaining in an apartment, structure or transport with the intention of committing a criminal offense therein, unless the premises are open to the public at the time or the accused is licensed or invited to enter or stay. “So the basis could be that she intended to meddle with an educational establishment and that the school was not open to the public.

She is also charged with a crime that I criticized earlier (here and here and here): resisting an officer without violence. Resistance, or resistance without violence, is incredibly vague and allows prosecutors to bring additional charges (which increases pressure on defendants to accept objection agreements). What resistance means apparently can be as little as stretching an arm or moving while shackles are being put on. This creates a dangerously fluid and subjective basis for criminal charges, even for an offense. It is not clear whether Francisquini, who left school, was the basis for the charges or something that happened at the time of her imprisonment.

This is not her first reported encounter with the police. According to media reports, she previously worked as a deputy in the DeKalb County sheriff’s office in Georgia and was charged in January 2017 for allegedly hacking into another cop’s phone.

The biggest irony is that when you find Audrey Francisquini, you create an Instagram that is now private, urging everyone to keep kids safe. If this is their account, it shows the promise of a “video statement that will stay in the loop”. However, it also shows over 1000 followers today when it only had 199 followers a day ago.

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