Migrants being released without court date, local attorney says

Migrants being released without court date, local attorney says

Harlingen, Texas (KVEO) – The influx of migrants into the US is causing the Department of Homeland Security to accelerate their release.

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As the influx of migrants illegally crossing the border continues, some lawyers say migrants will be released without setting a trial date.

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“Right now, it’s almost impossible for DHS to hold onto these people because it consumes so many resources,” said Rick Barrera, attorney for Barrera Law Firm.

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Typically, migrants receive a notification that includes a court date. Now some will be contacted after posting with the date they are due to appear.

“There’s a significant amount of pre-release processing that is done,” Barrera said. “There are addresses and places of several relatives. It’s not just a matter of filling out the form and you’re good to go.”

In a statement sent to KVEO, DHS said staff often exercise discretion to expedite encounters that do not pose a significant threat to the community.

“In some cases, families are further involved in relocation procedures as part of the release process than when they are at the border guard station.” – Ministry of Homeland Security

Barrera said the release of migrants without a trial was nothing new or something to deal with.

“The government knows exactly where these people will be,” Barrera said. “In most cases you can look at the numbers, these people don’t just run away, they find these people, and in most cases they get notified of their court dates.”