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We discussed the false statements made by President Joe Biden and White House Press Secretary Jan Psaki in support of the boycott of Georgia over its new electoral law. The White House isn’t the only thing that seemingly doubles that narrative, however. The MLB refused to reconsider its controversial decision to move the game out of Atlanta. It is now sending the game to Denver. It’s a move that only reinforces the objections. Colorado also requires ID to vote – one of the main objections to Georgia. New polls show that even after this campaign, Americans still predominantly support such mandatory identification rules, with almost 75 percent in favor of such rules.

During an interview on ESPN, Biden reiterated his claim that the law was “Jim Crow on steroids,” adding, “Imagine passing a law that says you can’t get water or anyone in line Can’t provide food, can’t you? ” Come on! Or do you close a polling station at 5 a.m. when working people are getting out? “

As we discussed earlier, it’s hard to imagine because it’s not true and the White House knows it’s not true. I will not repeat the clearly false claim of closing polling stations early. As the Washington Post noted, “is the net effect [of the Georgia law] is … expanding, not limiting, the choices for most Georgians. “The use of the provision to propose shortening election hours was a knowingly misrepresentation of those seeking to justify the federalization of electoral laws in Congress. Despite pointing out the false statement, President Biden kept repeating it.

Opponents of the new law have also enraged some Georgians over the move (especially when they moved the game from a black majority town to a town with a small black population). There were also controversial arguments beyond the Biden claims. This includes the argument by former Clinton attorney Marc Elias that Georgia voters cannot be expected to find their driver’s license numbers on their driver’s licenses – an allegation that has been condemned as racist by critics.

Colorado has some regulations that are stricter and some that are milder than Georgia. For example, Georgia allows 17 days of in-person early voting, including two optional Sundays, while Colorado only allows 15 days.

Colorado also requires a voter ID card for in-person voting and a copy with mail-in voting.

Colorado automatically sends postal ballot papers to all registered voters instead of asking for a request. However, the MLB appeared to be struggling to find a venue. Indeed, Georgian lawmakers have proposed passing New York and Delaware laws that are stricter than Georgia.