MLK Day: Hashish and Civil Rights

MLK Day: Cannabis and Civil Rights

It has become an annual tradition on MLK Day here on the law Law Blog to remind our readers that cannabis is primarily a civil rights issue. We explained why here, here, here and here.

The past year has seen some promising developments, from advancements with the MORE Act on state and local developments in licensing measures for social justice to increased deletion of criminal records related to cannabis convictions. Things are looking good nationwide and in many states for the year 2021 as well.

But it is not enough. The regulation of cannabis – and the makeup, direction, and dynamics of the industry as a whole – is nowhere where civil rights issues need to be addressed. Not even close.

Here at Harris Bricken, we are committed to honoring MLK’s legacy this year through our continued work with the Last Prisoner Project, reducing fees for minority cannabis companies, and reviewing and promoting solid state social justice legislation.

Although Dr. King died 53 years ago, his legacy continues to resonate and expand. On this day in honor of one of our greatest leaders, it is important to remember all of the reasons we seek to end the ban – including the most important.