Mob lawyer Mark Pomerantz employed to analyze former president

Mob lawyer Mark Pomerantz hired to investigate former president

Donald Trump may have gone through his second impeachment trial – but he still faces an impending nightmare over his grim business dealings.

The 74-year-old made headline after headline news after his staggering electoral defeat and refusal to accept it, followed by the shocking riots at the Capitol on January 6 and his role in inciting it. Now Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance has tacitly stepped up his investigation into the former president’s financial affairs.

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But the investigation seems to have gone a step further after the appointment of high-profile mob lawyer Mark Pomerantz.

He is the man who helped bring down gangster John Gotti – the former boss of the Gambino family – and other gangsters.

The appointment of Mr. Pomerantz was first reported by the New York Times. The release stated that the investigation is focused on “possible tax and banking frauds, including whether the Trump Organization has misled its lenders or local tax authorities about the value of its real estate loans and tax benefits.”

The appointment has been interpreted as a blow to the former president, and Vanity Fair described it as “perhaps a sign of trouble,” especially given that Mr. Pomerantz has spoken to Mr. Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen.

While the prosecution is still up to date on the investigation, court records show they are focused on “potentially large-scale and lengthy criminal behavior” within the Trump Organization.

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It will investigate alleged record falsification, insurance and tax fraud.

A separate civilian investigation, led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, is also investigating allegations that Mr Trump may have falsely reported property values.

Mr Trump has called the investigation a “witch hunt” and is now advancing his life after the White House. He announces that he will be a keynote speaker at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, Florida on February 28th.

It will be his first public move in 2021 after stepping down and surviving his second impeachment trial.


69-year-old Pomerantz has a decades-long, high-profile legal career behind him after prosecuting former head of the Gambino family, John Angelo “Junior” Gotti, along with other organized crime figures in the 1990s.

John A Gotti took over the head of the criminal family in 1992 after his father – John J Gotti – was jailed. However, in 1999 he was beaten against his own sentence for criminal offenses.

Mr. Pomerantz, now in private practice and on leave of absence, worked on “important matters and internal investigations into all aspects of alleged corporate misconduct, including securities and bank fraud, postal and wire fraud,” according to his profile from the University of Pennsylvania.