Morning Press: Protest at metropolis attorneys’ properties; masks enforcement; requires Quiring to resign

Morning Press: Protest at city attorneys’ homes; mask enforcement; calls for Quiring to resign

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In case you missed them, here are some of the week's top stories:

Protesters gather outside the Vancouver lawyers' homes

Demonstrators targeted the homes of two Vancouver city lawyers over the weekend in response to a criminal charge against a local shopkeeper who allegedly violated Governor Jay Inslee's order to stay home by doing their pet care series in May reopened.

On Sunday, people gathered for the first time in front of City Attorney Kevin McClure's house, who filed the case against Kelly C. Carroll [61] from the battlefield on June 5.

Clark County faces a mask order enforcement gap in Washington

Facewear became a recommendation last week from a requirement after Governor Jay Inslee ordered nationwide to wear masks in all indoor, public, and outdoor spaces when physical distance is not possible.

The mandate is said to help curb the proliferation of COVID-19, but restaurants, retailers, law enforcement, and other government agencies have grappled with a sensitive issue over the past week: how is it enforced and who is responsible for enforcing it? it?

The petition asking Eileen Quiring to resign collects 2,500 signatures

A petition that went online this weekend called for the resignation of Clark County Council chairman Eileen Quiring.

The petition had collected around 2,500 signatures by Monday afternoon, two days after it was created. Last week, Quiring said that she doesn't believe there is systemic racism in Clark County, she has since commented again.

The Walgreens employee prevents a Clark County woman from being cheated

Karen Nickell received a phone message from a Clark Public Utilities number on June 2 that her service would be interrupted because she owed money.

When she called back, "the man had convinced me that I hadn't paid the bill," said 73-year-old Nickell.

Vancouver ranks second in population growth in Washington

The COVID-19 pandemic did not hinder Washington's growth between April 2019 and April 2020, with the state adding 109,800 people, an increase of 1.5 percent. the financial management office Announced Monday.

The growth, which occurred largely before the pandemic began, brings the state's population to 7,656,200, the office said.