Mosbys’ Attorney Wants Federal Prosecutors Removed From Probe Into Their Finances – CBS Baltimore

Mosbys’ Attorney Wants Federal Prosecutors Removed From Probe Into Their Finances – CBS Baltimore

BALTIMORE (WJZ) – Governor Larry Hogan charged the federal criminal investigation against Baltimore District Attorney Marilyn Mosby and her husband, Baltimore City Council President Nick Mosby, during his COVID-19 briefing on Tuesday afternoon.

“I don’t know anything about the investigation other than what I’ve read in the media,” the governor told reporters. “It’s very worrying. Apparently a federal investigation is going on and we’re getting parts of it. But it’s obviously something that needs to be investigated. “

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These new comments came when the couple’s attorney took the unusual step of asking the Justice Department to remove two seasoned federal attorneys from the investigation.

Nick and Marilyn Mosby’s attorney files a complaint with the Justice Department about an investigation into the couple. The Washington Post reports

– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) March 23, 2021

One Scott Bolden wrote to the DOJ Office of Professional Responsibility: “There is no question that the investigations into my clients are frivolous and politically motivated and result from the animus that both Mr. Schenning and Mr. Wise have against prosecutor Mosby.”

Schenning is Stephen Schenning, the former acting US attorney. Wise is Leo Wise, the US assistant attorney who has launched numerous high-profile law enforcement actions, including Mayor Catherine Pugh, Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa, and members of the Police Gun Trace Task Force.

Federal Attorneys Derek Hines and Leo Wise are taking the Gun Trace Task Force’s case to court. Today they spoke about the ramifications of the Baltimore City police’s extensive corruption investigation. @cbsbaltimore

– Mike Hellgren (@HellgrenWJZ) February 21, 2018

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The Mosby’s attorney claims prosecutors released the case to the press but did not provide any evidence.

“Their animus is further demonstrated by the fact that they deliberately disclosed facts to the media from a secret grand jury investigation to harass, demote and embarrass my customers,” wrote Bolden.

The subpoena was publicly available through the State Board of Elections after Marilyn Mosby’s campaign treasurer made it available to election officials.

Bolden also claims prosecutors interrupted Nick Mosby during a Board of Estimates meeting on March 10, despite nothing being shown on camera. Mosby ended the meeting by saying, “I love you, Baltimore.”

“Instead of leaving a subpoena or conducting their field investigations outside of the public eye, the FBI Council Chairman Mosby interrupted a public session to alert the public to the upcoming investigation,” Bolden told the DOJ in his letter.

The attorney claims there is a conflict of interest because federal prosecutors previously accused prosecutor Marilyn Mosby of providing information to the GTTF ringleader about Sgt. Wayne Jenkins.

“Even a cursory review of history here shows that Messrs. Schenning and Wise have been running a smear campaign since at least 2017 to falsely accuse Prosecutor Mosby and her staff of misrepresenting certain facts relating to the USAO’s persecution of members of the USAO to have the Baltimore Gun Trace Task Force (the “GTTF Prosecutor’s Office”). Despite multiple requests from Prosecutor Mosby to Mr Schenning for relevant evidence regarding the alleged leak in their office, Mr Schenning’s office decided instead to bring a public charge (by Mr Wise) against Prosecutor Mosby and their office during the Wayne hearing Jenkins, an officer who has been tried and convicted under the GTTF prosecutor’s office. For over a year, prosecutor Mosby had a dialogue with Mr Schenning and Mr Wise about their reasons for embroiling their office in unsubstantiated allegations that were merely motivated to think about their office, ”Bolden wrote in his letter.

The Washington Post first reported on Bolden’s letter.

Jeremy Eldridge, a former city attorney who is now a partner at ENLawyers, said the Mosbys had reason to be concerned about the investigation even though no charges had been brought against them.

“When dealing with two powerful Baltimore City prosecutors who have recently had a reputation for overthrowing high-profile politicians, I would be incredibly concerned if I were the Mosbys, which is why their attorney has spoken so loudly about publicly admitting their innocence deny. ” Eldridge said WJZ investigator Mike Hellgren.

The US Attorney’s Office is asking the Mosbys for a large amount of financial information, including tax returns, for the past six years.

The couple have continued their work and have not made any public comments on the investigation outside of what their lawyer said.

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The US prosecutor’s office has declined to comment on the Mosby’s allegations or even the existence of an investigation to WJZ.